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[Tue Aug 2007 at 6:16pm]
mother worked late, so i have been downstairs listening/watching commentary from buffy season three. yay.

i also packed. yay, back to california i go (got squicked by several dead spiders on and in the suitcase my dad lent me.)
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[Tue Aug 2007 at 4:15pm]
26 icons:
1-10 Farscape
11-13 BtVS
14-19 BSG
20-26 Various Lyrics [SOME FOUL LANGUAGE]

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call me after darkCollapse )
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[Sat Aug 2007 at 12:39pm]
Cordelia's ResourcesCollapse )

[Sat Aug 2007 at 11:22am]
54 No Doubt icons
For The Phuck Attack Icon Challenge!

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hanging in the garage, me and NDCollapse )
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Monsterman [Wed Mar 2007 at 12:13pm]
[ mood | sick ]

9 Gwen Stefani icons
Textless icons ARE NOT bases.

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lit up, wickedCollapse )

[Wed Mar 2007 at 2:29pm]
A pox upon the person who thought up scented tissues.

They're supposed to help STOP sneezes, not create more!
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Frak!! [Wed Mar 2007 at 12:28am]
37 BSG Cast icons [Grace, Kaytee, Tricia, Jamie]
9 BSG icons [Sharon and Kara]
1 2 3

We're all friendlies! So let's just be friendlies!Collapse )

Icon Table codes here.
Images from here, here, and here.
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Wake me up... later. [Wed Jan 2007 at 4:49am]
[ mood | cranky ]

We're going down down in an earlier round...
That song is stuck in my head.
I know I have class tomorrow at 10AM and I haven't read all of the reading material and I haven't bothered to write up a plan for the final project [Seriously! Who makes students write what they want to do for the final project after only 2 days of class? I barely even know what I'm learning, let alone what I want a semesters worth of research to be about!] and that I'm already exhausted, but I can't seem to draw myself away from my computer long enough to cuddle up in bed and sleep.

Not that my roommate's helping any, being awake too.

Film school at an art institute is the most taxing school. I feel that my head will explode. Or implode. Whatever's easiest for my head, because honestly, I don't really care.

Not only am I required to be in class tomorrow morning from 10AM to 1PM, I have a meeting at 1.30PM and dance class at 6PM. Can't say I'm looking forward to dance class since I'm still sore from Monday. I could not move my legs today and sat out in Lighting Concepts and just took notes. Achinnnggg. And I'm still recovering from an allergic reaction Tuesday morning [at 3AM, no less, to my roommates lotion. I had to get out of the room and call up my boyfriend to pick me up so I could sleep at his place so that I wouldn't, you know, asphixiate and die.]

Bloody hell. Wake me up when February ends, please.


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